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Test Driving A Car: Do’s & Don’ts

2022-10-15T19:23:39+00:00October 25th, 2022|car purchasing|

Are you looking to purchase a new car? Doing your research is crucial in making sure you are getting a vehicle that fits your needs, and also to make sure you are not overpaying for a car. Along with being well informed, making the most of your vehicle test drive is also very important. Here are some do's and don'ts for the next time you get behind the wheel and test drive a new car. Test Driving Do's: Do Your Homework Ahead of Time Before you go to test drive a car, be sure you do your research and learn [...]

9 Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

2022-10-17T13:55:11+00:00September 20th, 2022|car purchasing|

When you're looking at buying a used car, the last thing you want is to get ripped off. You want a vehicle that is reliable, reasonably priced and can get you from point A to point B without problem. Before you go online for a great deal, you might want to consider how you intend to use the vehicle. Will it be driven around town for short trips to the market, a second car to transport you to and from work, or is it a family car, maybe one you intend to keep for a few years? Asking yourself these questions [...]

How Crash Ratings Affect Insurance Rates

2022-10-17T14:38:21+00:00July 26th, 2022|car purchasing, Car Safety, Collision Repair, Davis Body Shop, Insurance, New car purchase, safety tips, Vehicle Safety|

Buying a safe car can not only help save your life in the event of an accident, but it can also lead to savings on your car insurance premium. Insurers value safe vehicles because they keep occupants safer and keep claim costs low. Also, drivers of safe vehicles are thought to be more likely to drive responsibly. For these reasons, driving a safe car will translate into a lower car insurance premium. From your insurer's perspective, the rationale's pretty clear: the better your car performs in crash tests and the more safety features it has, the safer you'll be on the [...]